Posted on Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Time and Tide

Every lawyer who does wills and estate planning has a memory of the client or friend who contacted him about a will, power of attorney, or some document he needed prepared or revised.

Perhaps he sent or dropped off an old copy; maybe the lawyer sent him a letter or form to return with his personal information. After passage of time the lawyer would send a letter, leave a voice message, or an email reminder. More time would pass.

Then the lawyer would see the obituary or get a phone call from a surviving relative. There was no will; or maybe worse, there was an old will which had never been revised.

If the client or friend had spoken of wanting a power of attorney, or health care power of attorney, the lawyer would much later get a frantic call that the friend was now in intensive care; or in a dementia unit; and no one could find the power of attorney.

For many years lawyers have talked with church groups, at senior centers, civic organizations, whereever people gather to be informed and entertained. They have even offered to prepare wills or powers of attorney at discounted prices. Most lawyers can relate the experience of the client who thought his time would never run out – but it did.

Any time is a good time to look over your homeowners, vehicle and life insurance policies; while at it. read your will, power of attorney and health care power of attorney. If something is out of date, or non-existent, call for expert help. Stay with it until the job is done. Take the time now – don’t let time run out.

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