Hugh P. McElhenney

Areas of Practice

Criminal Defense: High Profile Drug Cases, DUI, Assault, Robbery & Burglary, Theft, Fraud, Embezzlement and Corruption, Gambling and Prostitution.

Family Law: Divorce, Custody and Support, Guardianship, Paternity, Relocation.


Real Estate: Buyer or Seller.

Personal Injury: Automobile Accidents; Slip, Trip and Fall; Products Liability;

Estate Planning: Wills; Power of Attorney, Living Will, Probate, Social Security Planning, Short and Long Term Estate Planning.


Holistic Legal Representation.

Rarely do legal issues arise in a vacuum. My approach is to develop a relationship with my client in order to understand the context of the apparent issue and develop strategies to handle the immediate issue as well as avoid future entanglements. When appropriate, I counsel my client regarding collateral issues that might not seem related until the connection is made. While the firms preference is to negotiate a reasonable settlement of issues to everyone’s mutual benefit, when that becomes impossible or impractical, rest assured, this firm is ready, willing and able to represent our client’s interests against ANY threat.

“In this business you have to be able to sing ‘Battle Hymn of the Republic’ and ‘Dixie’ with equal enthusiasm.”
– Ferry captain, Outlaw Josey Wales


Monsignor Bonner High School
Villanova University
Temple University
Lycoming College
Widener University School of Law


At the age of 42 I returned to college after over 20 years as a mechanic. I began working on automobiles, then air compressors and ended up building and flying light aircraft engines for the worlds premiere engine manufacturer in Williamsport, PA. Today, I have been a practicing attorney for over 15 years and still feel the enthusiasm of my first year.

In the past 15 years I have literally represented mobsters, drug dealers, street gangsters, grand larcenists and petty thieves, cops, fireman and clerics, in every kind of matter. I have represented people with a lot of resources (i.e. money) and many others whose greatest resource was their integrity. I am honored to represent both with equal enthusiasm. My favorite client is highly principled and can afford the luxury.

Professional and Civic

Upper Darby School District Board of Directors, 7 years. Clifton Heights Borough Council, 1St ward, Clifton Heights Zoning Board Solicitor.

Faculty: Pennsylvania Continuing Legal Education

Publications: 5 County Criminal Practice – Delaware County Chapter 2012-2014

Hugh McElhenney

“These guys got caught because they opened their mouths!”

Gone are the days when you could try to ‘explain’ your side of the story. All you are doing is setting the hook deeper. Whenever possible, before talking to any authority, please contact the law offices of Hennessy, Bullen, McElhenney and Landry.